Drew Barrymore

Here are some of the most pressing Community issues at "writers_write". You know me. I am an unaffiliated polymath glad that Mz-Firefox has a spelling dictionary- widget plugin utili-dealie. When I'm not out in the field a-polymathin', I like to blue water bare-boat charter sail with worthy salts OR play squash. I look forward to the day when I can afford a sailing yacht with a gimbaled... uhh... N.B.: (blowboat, not stinkpot, it's a green thing that this dyed- in- the- wool, MN DFL, Conservative does do which actually weighs as helpful to the immediate zone of human- comfort- O- vironment- NatchRell significantly, accidentally being as green as most independent- centrists; so enjoy your knowledge about me, per that, won't you, if you're ever feeling 'down', strictly comped(!) Put your money away, my friend -- it's no good here, on the house, good chess friend -- what's more en virally safe than chess, if you wash your hands and keep your fingers out of your eyes and mouth while you're playing -- good Chess Etiquette, too- I- can- tell- you.)

I endure one other bugbear, besides stinkpots; help me out on this. Would you use an adverb today? Adverbs and our English lingua franca are horrificALLY disappearing! Could you well use one adverb today for the Western Culture and Time's Integrity and Zeitgeist Itself. So please, okay? It is depressing to be startled with nauseating rAgE 37.2 times a day, with people -- just laziness mouth language abuse people -- just 'I'm talkin' here' - - 'I'm talkin' here', adjective-O-fying the adverbs. Please, I'll introduce you to some really excellent dinner dates if you would indulge one in the struggle against the insinuating usurpers. K? Cool. I like to play chess and program and write novels, hoping to finish one sooner than later, poetry, and counterpoint. I also need to figure out a way to get enough RAM to enjoy my radio mix channel at Pandora.com (excellent! as you will know already) but to afford the above unfinished mention of a sailing yacht with a gimbaled doubles squash court -- perhaps before that, price- comfort- morale- triage- thinking- wise, I need a computer workhorse with enough RAM to use that fantastic invention of mine (not pandora "radio" -- my mix channel -- try it!

Some (The Wise) will tell me they see me... yes, there I am -- using it while playing chess with Drew Barrymore (she) in a little black dress sitting very nicely ladylike, graceful of form, comportment, countenance, and just enough thermostatic- leg- show, prettily eye- smile- contacting my hypothalamus, on a rice-white Llama- wool- silk- Teflon- with- asbestos weave carpet, made by hand, all 7,000 square feet of it, in Goregrandistan; as we post perseny.com dinner moo-goo guy-pan each other in the Wet Bar Chess Den (and sailing and squash trophy room -- the room with the empty shelves and mantel but lots of pics of a trying man!); "Teflon carpet?" well... [Drew is hot, even though beautiful-LY {adverbs! -- you forgot already??!}!]!)! wacky.

I like the second banana types, though clearly she is a leading lady with box office legs, &tc., &tc., &tc.] Using the seven degrees of separation rule -- you know Drew, indirectly -- everyone I virtually- through- extension know insists on a 9-degree separation. Is that a bad thing? Dunno... So could you fix me up with her for dinner and sailing at/leaving for months together from the Columbus Circle restaurant par Drew-cellence perseny.com? I'll maybe- a maybe give your first name to our first born baby. Good deal? Fair? Mmm?

Say, what do you think of Bruce Wagner? Literary man OR Drugstore Novel man -- or Distributed Middle man? I'll tell you what I think, just as soon as "you tell me". With apologies to the great comedy talent, Gilbert Gottfried.

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NY Times Piece Regarding Too Many "Old" White Males On Their Op-Ed Page (Opposite the Editorial)

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This is Berlin 1933 with a new definition of 'Jew' as wite male Christian heterosexual (my take is that every person who can fog up a mirror is aging, what is this age bigotry idiocy?, age is quintessentially informed by how much time one has left, not how long one has lived; a baby of 5 months, regrettably, may be much older (aged) than a person with 71 years to his/her/its credit, for example, -- so only God knows a person's age. Actuaries and media 5th Estate Columnists [sic] do not and can not know a person's age. Do all blacks love their watermelons, too? Could you please think, enlightened ones.) In any case none of this grotesque New Progresive J. & E. Rosenbergian Leftist pap is what it appears to be, or is touted as, by your neighborhood Democrat Goebbels-in-Training. All bigotry, such as Affirmative Action, or the NY Times piece this thread is at the head of, is about not being able to find 'Death' (The [generalist] Grim Reaper as a real separate physical person) to hate or kill or pre-gas-camp politically jump up and down against, like a Solidarity Regimist in Albany attempting, as "social workers" (no arm bands?), "educators", medical related specialists, human services workers and admins, librarians, and other saboteurs and (non Hillary-esque) snipers and ambushers who, in their helping professions can't wait to mix some poison political-inspired pill or Ericksonian Hypnosis life scarring scheme on a 'New Jew'. Any bigot is a person who is using a vicar in any skin color, gender, "age", national origin, sexual practices [normal or abnormal, forget the DSM IV which tells us beastiality is now okay, no problem] left-handedness, tie wearing, height [ecologically preferrable, decent, conservation-intensive size, say 5'7" for a male, not SUV guzzle height, single American ladies], "global warming" true believer status [a canard worthy of the famous hoaxes of history, like the south Seas Bubble and Tulip Time, tell it to Mars and Jupiter, Doctor Gore]. Ergo: you and I get to stand in the Grim Reapers place as worthy because 'must find Death to destroy him but can't, so...' have to pretend in the Golden Bough-worthy ritual of bigotry (vicarious Death elimination.) Can't you see this? Everyone has brown skin. There is only one race: homo sapiens spaiens. Lefties are as good as righties. Women are equal in capabilities to men. It, bigotry, (hate crimes of violent [incl. passive aggresion, a real killer, and don't kid yourself that women aren't as violent as men through various methods], Affirmative Action, lynching), they have nothing to do with these clummsy clownish ignorant blunders. the Grim Reaper is the one you all have really wanted to hate and force the suicide of like an Albany MSW "therapist" working on a W.M.C.H. Attend, Miranda!

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The Fear Cape Carnival

News Type: Other — Thu Apr 17, 2008 9:11 AM EDT

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Sorry, is this correct? "the students realized they could benefit more by switching to sharing homework" (physician, heal thyself, remember?) I hope the connotation was 'work on their own homework, with due diligence, in non-separatist integration++' (rather than rap skin pop virus infected, Ebonics devolved, passive aggression/hostility in pronouncing English words with the ghetto in urine face aberrations and the white equivalent (N.B.: racism is absolutely equal among both, three years in 70% black Memphis taught me that, not reverse or liberal cutesy block-vote-co-opt bait-spun Orwellian blue-dog-eared group-think "excusable racism" -- just racism plain and ugly (always -- any arbitrary hate, bigotry -- way too many whites thought I was responsible for the Civil War which has not come close to ending yet, down there, do not kid yourself that it ended in 1865), and they hated my guts as a "Yankee"(!) -- both colors (for different non-reasons) taking away my right to work or get non-sabotaged health treatment and other professional services, (these were "medical professionals" healers themselves -- try Regional 5th Columnists instead...) to show me the Civil War is certainly not over -- and, on the other side of the street on the same day/ planet/ region with a history starting with the Portuguese and Arab Muslim mosque-going slave traders invading Africa in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, yet way too many blacks tried to kill me without quotes "and we shall see what happens to his dream"--indeed; grotesque irony! [on a commemorative plaque outside the Lorraine Motel where I not infrequently spent respectful solemn moments]) along with the bigotry of the Demo-Prog- Shock Troop Activist passive aggression [more at: passive assault] of groups here amid the ubiquitous per-vers-ity tolerance of enlightened sub rosa  murderous "social workers", educators, doctors and nurses of the new 1933 Berlin in radical- corrupted- horrors of Albany, NY with merely a new definition of Jew as White Male Christian Heterosexual - who doesn't like being told how to vote. Try to understand. People need bigotry and hate. It is a substitute. Not just white male European stock. All people everywhere in all centuries for equally empty arbitrary reasons are equally talented at bigotry for one unifying reason which uses otherness hate and bigotry (yes, you too, enlightened Leftist poseur "social worker" - teacher - preacher - librarian - abortionists/anti-abortionists all are murdering hope and decency too - "Change Makers" in the temple of politics - all carnival workers "Have you ever seen the rubes take a carnival apart after they've wised up?" --W.S. Burroughs). Why? Because they are going to die someday, the thought hath made them as mad as a Hamlet and they can't find the Grim Reaper to then: kill Death. So they (you too, everyone does) substitute a Vicar of Death -- on a pre-conscious or subconscious (either way people don't know what they're doing, and are going to do this afternoon at the "goddess meeting" or show-your-ass but not your face crack club of sartorial excellence and throw integration in the trash with separatist teachers of Ebonics New York Ed-System Excelsior! and the bigotry of [right out of the Goebbel's gift bag of gab and Reverend Wrong apologists] "Affirmative Action" [Final Solution? sound similarly delightful, Sans-Frisco-demo Interzone, Nova Conditions, Albany P.C. NY (Nazi Yank) Pravda-ganda euphemisms for euthanasia.].). It is Death that everyone hates -- but they can't "find it" -- so you're it. It's just that simple, barbaric: Strut On Your Stage To Make The Golden "Bow". Veritas vos liberabit ("Go be nice to people." --Lenny Bruce)

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Life Sketches


Vol. 1, No. 1

"You still working on the book, huh?"

"Yeh Ronnie."

"What's it called again?"

"Tales of Benzodiazapene Withdrawal."

"Yeah, that's right. You gonna go over to the Shellington's later?"

"Don't know."

"They're showing a lecture motion picture, are you aware?"

"Major Color Decisions of French Sports Car Corporations, 1950 to 1955, again?"

"Yeah, it's gonna be pretty wild. Hey Real Police Stories producers...duh-uuuuh...(!)"

"Mmm, I might go to bed early..."

"Hey, Dodobird, it's Saturday night, ya moogala, ya big crazy writer moogala. Oh, you think
that Brad was right about it being a Mexican knock-off copyright infringement rip-off?"

"uh(mm)...Well...I might go. They gonna have potato salad and tomato salad?"

"Yeah; that was really a close call that night, right?"

"I couldn't sleep."

"Yeah. But we made it didn't we."

"We made it, man."

"[...]...You know you really shouldn't talk that way, pottie-mouth, ...I uh...[...]"

"Ronnie, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that."

"Oh, and just, I'll sure -- I'll tell that to my Innerherbologist next week, I'm so
happy you are just really sorry...you know, I think I'll turn in, I'm feeling out of sorts,
and; I'm turning in now, so -- maybe you've got some things to think about."

"Hey, Ronnomeister, the lecture film, Sports Colors..."


"Hey come on, I'll pipe-up the old Cabaret Voltaire Web site re-visitor machine."

"Naw, it's kinda boring, really, I don't feel like all that stupid stuff, no more. I have to
say this Raoul: it just does not challenge me."

"Yeh, I feel that way too."


"So, you want to get cleaned up and we'll go to the Shellington's? OK?"

"Well, sure Raoul, I'm not going to hold anything against a trash-mouthed man forever."

"That's the thing to do now fella, that's it."

"Yeah. OK then...mmm...fella."

"That's it."

"I never lived with a writer before."

"I understand Ronnie, I'll be more considerate, I honestly will."

"....moogala...you nut...you writer nutguys are so Mr. Racytime...watch out they'll drop a
sheet over you some day..."


"Don't Raoul, I have wished explicitly not to be reminded of my mistakes with the KGB; oh,
excuse me won't you, I'm too sorry, I mistook what you were saying just now for
at least American Sincerity."

"I'm no good, Ronnie. I can't control it anymore."

"Get better, Raoul, feel better. Yeah...mmm, I'll see you at the Shellington's."

"OK Ronnie then." (my comrade, I have hurt my comrade...) "I, uh...[...]"

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we’should’a had been on a blue sail tar-day

Hello Beckett [s] and Wheewell [s]!  Of Darwen, Lancashire, U.K.


                Flanders’ Shanghai Ship

Dave, a feeding poem’s like the lips of a ship
On a salty day, bound O’Maine.
Dave a Moby phone'll turn up free some day
Cause you kept me fa’gwa’in’ insane;
And the lips O’ the Sangfroid remain...

With a cook we’should been voidin' the reefs tar-day
Aaar! says me: ink-keeper s’born at tar-wheel
And all d'Grand’ee boys let ride both sides ‘r'keel
Twas the wind cures the stat's for the Dane;
And the lips O’ the Sangfroid remain…

So when I sail on out on my ‘forty-three’
Worth O’ Halberg-Rass’ 'Sangfroid'-scribed I'd fain
Make it Shanghai this time - see my dad owned abba’hrRf a’tha’town
'Fore "blood-soaked underwear -in"-a-cent-Col-red-sky Hiro’s kaz-ees caused the  
  Good Earth
      Fryin' pain;
But Dem libs & stars hate two bombs magnified
Though I’m sad e’en won-eeE-o0O-cent died.
"It could not be helped" Japan's digni' says and thats
Like Hollywood's Mouth's lingerie stains.

'Ergo ...I’ll be sailin’ into the port Sh’ghai ’bout
A year aft’ thar date O’ this screen
To make China see that we’re all, (France makes three),
Gonna half to get us combined,
Or the Dems ‘n’ terrorists ‘ill dine
O-any your innards — a shark’s hot blood finds.
Hello China, France, please love Mister Rhyme;
I’ll out-Nixon their Kissin’grrrl’s brine.
Those tear[S]angfroid spilt will come-’bout in time.
But the lips o’ my Sangfroid remind...
Yes, sere lips o’ my Sangfroid remind...


Wallace D. Brindle
son of Sergeant Major
Norman Leslie Brindle, US ARMY;
France & Flanders : Canadian Army,
fr. outbreak, age 13, out of Lancashire, U.K.
[Nota Bene: D.O.B. December 7th, 1900]
in French hospital: excellent maggots saved
his German-bayonet-ripped leg via ‘taking
away’ only all the dead flesh. Doctor “popped
‘em back in their jar afterwards to use on
the next” [allie]. Badly icky? No… rather,
very early bio-nano-Dad’s-leg-saver-little

~”Maggies! I just want to thank you
“Fer savin’ m’sarge dad’s leg…~(R. Stewart)

Ft. Bragg: 1920’s
Shanghai: (U.S.) 1930s
Ft. Snelling: near (now) Mall of America 1940s/50s/60s


Tape the session evidence (as I have for years) -- then sue these prosperous 35 mile-out miscreants.

also please see...



The complete page** is linked below this text.

"Then Szasz analyzes Rush's theory that Negroes had black skins because of a hereditary disease inherited from ancestors who had suffered from leprosy.

"Rush looked to science and found what he wanted: it was not God but nature that marked the black man; his blackness, moreover, is a sign, not of his 'congenital sin,' but of his congenital illness.'

Such a cure [from having a black skin] would also add to the happiness of the Negro himself, Rush believed, for 'however well they appear to be satisfied with their color, there are many proofs of their preferring that of the white people.'

In his attitude towards the Negro, Rush thus adheres to the fundamental principle of Institutional Psychiatry, namely that the 'patient' does not know, and hence cannot protect his own best interests. He needs the medical man to do this for him...

Rush makes us realize how unoriginal, but yet how enduring are the therapeutic posturings of the modern psychiatrist. Since the Inquisition, oppressors have insisted on wearing the uniforms of helpers. First, they donned the garb of the cleric. Today they will not show themselves without their medical coats. Benevolent paternalism (if one wants to so mislabel human evil) was the basic article of faith and the fundamental strategic weapon for the clergyman's domination of those he deemed sinners; and so it has continued for the psychiatrist's domination of those he deems mad.

...The leprosy theory of Negritude -- a forerunner of modern psychiatric theories of a wide variety of behaviors -- is truly an Orwellian parody of medicine in the service of behavioral control."

In my opinion, the most important mechanism to understand is the use of words -- "language" -- by declaration and definition, to brand people as "hysterics," "witches," "heretics," "mentally ill," "deviants," "criminals," "rebels," etc. to justify whatever ("paternally benevolent") atrocities the tyrants or so-called "authorities" wish to perpetrate.

** http://www.buildfreedom.com/tl/tl05t.shtml
SZASZ, Thomas -- The Manufacture of Madness

O' MEARA, Kelly Patricia -- Psyched Out



More Imus carnage...

I, personally, shall not listen to or watch any programming of any broadcast company that takes Don Imus off-the-air. Same for P & G, etc. etc.

I am boycotting them for anti-American filthy behavior -- for sucking-up to fascist hypocritical opportunists.

...In order to comment on the truth about the Don Imus carnage...

...one would, perhaps, want to gently go to our main page to perhaps and no-color collar an informed opinion on the (click)-truth about the Don Imus carnage.

— Or to our home page, where you are welcome, I'm too shrrr: www.Gobi-Igloo.com

On the same note, Bill Cosby always seems to get these things right. Could we respectfully ask him to straighten us all out...again? Yes, of course, he reads all the Gobi Igloo blogs regularly. Ever since even before his "I Spy" days -- from the album "Why Is There Air?" -- about the time of the S-word Brothers (Bill Cosby apparently had a problem with one of them; so out of respect for Bill... because he has read my blogs obsessively since [circa] 1960...well... I'm sure you...) *<--LIAR!!* / ^ -- Well... I need hits.^ / *Oh, you'll get hits...* / ^Hey!^ / *Sorry.* / ^OhhhghHH, he's soorrRRRrry -- mm, okay then.^ / *[Manly air hug]* / (!) @MANLY!@ /

^Ahh, crap... the whole deal is a bunch of J-Mill-erian hypocritical one-side-approved Mach-[eavellian] Schnell! power prejudice, with plenty of good 'ol posturing B.SS. I think I need to take a little nappy now. Need to avail a little horde of my own quality time; time to myself. I'm feeling really quite, actually you're right, mm-hmm yup, niggardly after all this. That's just the way it is. Ba... I'm 'atta here for now. BBL. Ya.^ /

*K... [I (heart) ...one truly good ...person-thing [man]...]*

Bill !!!! I'm SORRY! I remember why you slugged the wayward S-word Brother (please note, MyPublic, I was not there -- I did not witness this -- I could be "Duke-ing" this man -- as if I were a suspect N.C. [no charge] feminist) !!!! BILL !! COME BACK, BILL-mann !!!! -- I know why there's air. To blow up basketballs with -- My Cosber's GONE !!!!!~~~ You aren't a Duking Feminist, Bill, I see that now [!!!!] !!!! Are we s'possa capitalize [capitolize?] feminist? HELP ME!! -- BILL You are my Tuskegee B-Ball Humor Airman !!!!! (Nota Bene: Proud, courageous heros, all. Like that outstanding navy man & cook who blew (was it?) seven Mitsubishi-powered Japanese out of the air at Pearl Harbor; after he took the initiative, he'd not been allowed while they were living, to take the deck gun for the first time when his shipmates had all been shot dead via very large caliber high-powered rounds. [Consider: nobody asked him to do that. They did not have to. I think he did not listen to hip hop rap drug crap rape & hate music, though, just to be fair to a hero and his upbringing. His breeding too.])
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Big Time Car Enthusiast [Manic? - "Now That you Know" Pat Murt?] Steals $M From Mental Health Coffer



Almost Too Much Affirmative Largesse? Big Time Ripping-Off The State Mental Health Office Redux...

April 10, 2007 at 1:25 pm by Jay Jochnowitz, State Editor

Capitol confidential
The Capitol. The seat of state government. Where influential politicians craft laws and crafty lobbyists peddle influence. Where hopeful citizens try to get their voices heard. Get a look behind the scenes at New York politics and statewide campaigns here.
Join the discussion.

State [Office of Mental Health (—admin)] Worker Admits Stealing +$1.2 Million

Rick Karlin reports in that a state Office of Mental Health employee with an affinity for sports cars pleaded guilty today to stealing more than $1.2 million from the state.

James L. Leggiero, 50, of Slingerlands, pleaded guilty to one count of 1st degree grand larceny, and faces a maximum prison term of 3-1/3 to 10 years when he is sentenced in July. His lawyer, Steve Coffey, said Leggiero will probably start in a maximum security prison but eventually move to a minimum security facility and later go out on work release.

Leggiero, who has been with the state for 27 years, admitted to setting up a sham company, VIP, short for Very Important Property, which since 1998 did phantom work under state contract. The company was supposed to make reports on potential locations for OMH-sponsored residential treatment facilities. As a $79,000-a-year auditor at OMH, Leggiero approved the $1.2 million worth of vouchers for the “work.” The vouchers ranged from several hundred dollars to $99,000.

Under a deal worked out with Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s office, he had to agree to make restitution, although Coffey said it’s unclear how much he’ll be able to pay back. The total amount, according to Cuomo’s office, was $1,232,072. He forfeited his Corvettes - three including a 1958 model. He also had a Cadillac Escalade and a Chevrolet Trailblazer, authorities say.

The family, however, gets to keep the 3,000 square foot home, which includes a three-car attached garage. Coffey said Leggiero’s wife, Kathleen, a $77,624 budget unit employee at OMH, was not a party to this. “She’s an innocent victim here,” he said. “She has to put her life together.”

As Jim Odato reported earlier this month when the case arose, the Office of the Comptroller triggered the investigation when it found that VIP had no telephone number and only a post office box, and suspected something was amiss, according to court records. Bank records for VIP list only one telephone number - which is assigned to James Leggiero’s state work desk.

Further investigation showed VIP lacked a valid employer tax identification number on file with TrustCo Bank and the comptroller’s office.

Checks drawn from VIP, according to the records, went to several local soccer organizations, mortgage payments, cash to Leggiero, and a child care company. None of the draw-downs seemed to be for business expenses, the records state.

According to the records, the Leggieros appeared to try to conceal his association with VIP, which began working for OMH in 1998. Neither reported the business on their Ethics Commission filings as required, although James Leggiero lists himself as vice president of a soccer club; his wife lists herself as president of a soccer club. The ethics filings also say she has two children, and he has three.

Initially, Cuomo’s office alleged a host of crimes, including grand larceny, fraud, money laundering, falsifying business records and offering a false instrument, as well as violations of the public officer’s law.

Posted in General, Andrew Cuomo |



March 7, 2007 09:32 PM EST

A state worker is accused of ripping off taxpayer money, to pay for his lavish lifestyle.

49-year-old James Leggiero, of Slingerlands, is the center of an investigation by the State Attorney General's Office, for allegedly taking over a million-dollars of state funds through an illegitimate business he operated.

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo says Leggiero used your money to buy himself a nice house, a couple vintage Corvettes, and a Cadillac Escalade, amongst other items. NEWS10's Latricia Thomas obtained court documents that the A.G.'s Office says, proves it all.

Post Office Box 32 in East Greenbush is the only contact information investigators for the A.G.'s Office could find for "VIP," or "Very Important Properties." It is a business that, from 1998 to January of this year, collected over 1.2-million dollars from the state for work - work that court documents allege never took place.

Civil documents say VIP does not appear to be a legitimate business entity. According to a spokesperson for Cuomo's office, VIP's operator, James Leggiero, is a state employee who has been with the Office of Mental Health since 1980.

Court documents indicate there is no phone number for VIP. The only contact information investigators could find was a number that went directly to Leggiero's office at the Office of Mental Health.

Leggiero's Slingerlands home, where no one answered the door Wednesday, was searched by investigators on Tuesday. They seized at least two Corvettes, including a vintage 1958 model, and a Chevy Trailblazer. In sworn affidavits, investigators say they do not believe Leggiero could afford such a lifestyle on his state salary of 79-thousand dollars a year.

And as for what happened to the more than one-million dollars of state money paid to VIP - investigators detail check after check written to Leggiero's personal account, for child care and soccer expenses.

The Office of Mental Health says Leggiero's employment will soon be terminated.

Leggiero could face charges including grand larceny, money laundering, and defrauding the government.

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Thanks For Helping Us To Avoid Phobic-Homos!

And their camp: the radical sabateurs and poseurs wielding the Secret Seditionist Therapy Weapon. If you have any depositions relating to abuse or contol and anti-humanist psychology dominance [see Michel Foucault for more on this] by therapists or social workers in the most recent 10 years, this is one of your forums.
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